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Integrative Physical Therapy and Pelvic Rehabilitation

Blend PT is an integrative physical therapy provider that seeks to Balance Lifestyle, Exercise, and Nutrition with Daily Practice and Treatment through the lens of physical therapy.  We use hands-on manual therapy combined with exercise and lifestyle management to achieve wellness.  Your health and your movement are unique, personal and individual to your life.  The way you build the bridge to wellness is unique to you.  Your therapy should be no different.  Blend PT incorporates personalized one-on-one manual treatment, exercise and education to meet your specific goals and to match your interests. Whether it's climbing mountains or being able to sit without pain, your goals are the focus of treatment.  Whatever your obstacle, there is something inside of you that is greater. We want to help you find that. 

Stephanie Muntzer, MPT, PYT, RYT200,CPI

Chester Springs, PA 19425


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